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Bugged by Excel’s calculation errors

Q: I found an anomaly with a rather simple Excel computation; specifically, Excel calculates 111,111,111 times 111,111,111 to equal 12,345,678,987,654,300, which is incorrect (the correct answer should end in '21,' not '00'). If Excel's arithmetic fails, then what else     
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Wall St. Firms Say No to Surveys

At the request of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, 18 Wall Street firms have pledged not to answer analyst surveys gauging their attitudes toward the markets out of concern that information gleaned from them could be used to conduct insider trading, according to CBC News. read more    
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Patent predicaments: Be wary of dubious claims

Judges, legislators, and lawyers have wrestled in recent months with the complicated issue of how to decide fair compensation for intellectual property, as a new threat to U.S. businesses has emerged. Patent-holding companies (PHCs) and patent-assertion entities (PAEs) have attempted to get     
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How to start and run a mentoring program

Paul Martin had a lot more questions than answers when he started as a staff accountant at Apple Growth Partners. At the top of the list: Where did he want to go with his career in public accounting?'I didn't know what path to take,' he said. Martin found direction in
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How to speed the path to partner

Mark Jain, CPA, was making his way through customs at San Francisco International Airport on a Friday afternoon in July 2012 when he discovered that someone had left him a voicemail. Jain, en route back from a business trip to Hong Kong, soon realized this was no ordinary message: The
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