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Online Ads a Growing Malware Risk

Malicious software makers are taking advantage of increasing sophistication of online ads to target users with custom-tailored malware, a practice called "Malvertising" that has nearly doubled since 2011, said CNN Money. read more    
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Resistance Brewing Against NYC Luxury Apt. Tax

Major players in New York City's real estate industry are building opposition to a proposed tax on apartments owned by people who live in the city for less than half a year at a time, saying it will cause irreparable harm to the local economy, according to Bloomberg. read more    
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The High Cost of Bad Meetings

When considering a meeting, ask yourself: why are we meeting in the first place? If you don't, you might be costing the company a fair chunk of change, according to Quartz. Nestle, for example, estimates that--considering the salaries of the people involved--a bad meeting can mean $50,000 to $100,000 worth
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TIGTA to IRS: Stop Hoarding Old Papers

TIGTA says the IRS has a hoarding problem. It's not cats, or old newspapers, or clothing they will never wear. It's documents that should have been disposed of long ago that the service none the less continues to hold onto, costing the agency about $700,000 in storage, according to the
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Ben Lawsky: BitLicense Rules Won’t Apply to Software Devs

NYS Finance Superintendant Ben Lawsky clarified yesterday that the proposed regulations on virtual currencies, among which will be the requirement for certain parties to acquire a "BitLicense" to handle digital money, will not apply to software developers that make programs for interacting with it, according to Reuters. The proposed
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Gauging the Economic Toll of Ebola

Not surprisingly, forecasts of the Ebola crisis's potential impact on the global economy are grim. One worst case scenario? According to the New York Times, the World Bank predicts an economic drain of as much as $32.6 billion by the end of next year if the virus spreads to additional
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