what we do

We take care of all your tax filings whether it is a simple W-2 or complex multi-state filings. You can simply drop off or email us your tax documents and we will notify you when they are ready for pick up, normally within 2 weeks.

Please bring the following documents in order to file the Business Tax:*

1. Twelve months of bank statements (January-December).
2. Profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
3. Inventory valuation report as of December 31.
4. Any loan agreements and loan balances as of December 31.
5. Any credit card balances and vendor balances as of December 31.
6. All the valuation of assets (cash, furniture and fixtures, computers, equipment, cars, freezes, security deposits etc).
7. General ledger (receipts, bills, invoices etc).
8. Accounts receivable report as of December 31.

Please bring the following documents in order to file the Personal Tax:*

1. Copy of Social Security Numbers of tax payers, spouses and children.
2. Copy of Identification Number of each tax payer.
3. Work Authorization Card.
4. Proof of Income (W-2 and 1099).
5. Interest income (1099-Interest) from bank.
6. Investment or brokerage account statements for stock, bonds etc.
7. Copy of Birth Certificate of children who are qualified for EIC credit.
8. Marriage Certificate.
9. Bank statements and cancelled checks for Self-Employed business (Cab Driver, Street Vendor, Independent Contractor etc).
10. Rental income from house.
11. Profit or loss report from house.
12. Void copy of personal check for E-file.
13. Credit card settlement (Cancellation of debt 1099-C).
14. 1098-T (Tuition Fee).
* Additional documents may be required based on required tax. Payers may call to inquire.

If you will be making sales in New York State that are subject to sales tax, you must register with the Tax Department and obtain a Certificate of Authority.

The Certificate of Authority gives you the right to collect tax on your taxable sales and to issue and accept most New York State sales tax exemption certificates.

We can advise you on methods for tax savings and tax benefits optimization customized to your individual financial situation.

Get a letter from the IRS? Contact us first before paying because most notices can be reduced or eliminated!

Want to start a business? Each business structure has different tax and administrative consequences. We can go through your needs and find the right structure for you. We can also handle all of the paperwork and headache of forming the business.

We provide services to register the following types of new businesses:

Corporation (C-Corp, S-Corp)

Limited Liability Company (LLC, PLLC, LLP)

Not-For-Profit Corporation

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the feeling of wearing many different hats. We can provide relief by helping you keep your books while you focus on what you do best, your business!

If you don’t already have an accounting system in place, we can help you choose the best accounting system for you and help you set it up. This is essential for a business to grow!

We work with our third-party partners to provide full service payroll solutions to your company. Their service includes direct depositing, quarterly payroll filings, annual payroll returns, and annual W-2/1099 distribution.

We work with our third-party partners to provide a full service treasury and cash management solution that is right for your business. We can also help you design internal controls to manage cash and to reduce the susceptibility of fraud.

We can help you budget and forecast your sales and profit margins in order to create metrics to measure the performance of your business which are critical in making key management decisions.

Why wait until the end of the year to find costly mistakes on your books? A mid-year review will help you identify any errors earlier in the year reducing the time spent to find it and ultimately increasing your bottom line!

Need a financial statement? Don’t even know what one is? Don’t worry! We can help you compile a financial statement for third-party use.

A review provides limited assurance to third-parties that your financial statements are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

An audit provides reasonable assurance to third-parties that your financial statements are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles